Armstrong 11-751 3/8-Inch Drive Extra Long Hex Driver Socket 3/16-Inch Bit

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Product Description

Product Description Made in the USA – quality and availability. Bits are manufactured to the highest tolerances and specifications for Straightness, concentricity, and precise tip fit to the fastener. Bits are manufactured from high alloy steel using the most up-to-date manufacturing process and heat treat to prevent shattering and premature bit wear. From the Manufacturer Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools have a heritage of Made in the USA since four brothers founded the company in 1890. This Armstrong brand product is built from premium materials and workmanship ensuring unequalled strength, toughness, and durability. Product Type: 3/8-Inch Drive Extra Long Hex Driver Sockets Finish: Full Polish Chrome Holder, Black Oxide Bit Drive Tang Size (Inch): 3/8 Fastener Size: 3/16 Drive Type: Hex Bit Dimension A: Drive End (Inch): 0.675 Dimension B: Nose Diameter: 0.531 Dimension C: Overall Length (Inch): 6.150 Dimension D: Bit Length: 5.375 Exposed Bit Length: Replacement Bit: 94-151 ASME Specification: US Federal Specification: Length Format: Extra Long Pattern SAE/Metric: SAE Replaceable Bit?: Yes.


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