Craftsman 6 in. Extension Bar, 1/2 in. Drive 9-44131

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Product Description

Craftsman 6′ Extension 1/2′ Drive Reaches Hardware Hidden in Narrow Crevasses The Craftsman 6 in. extension bar has a 1/2 in. drive and fits ratchets of the same size, giving you a standard application for this tool when you have a socket and a ratchet that match. It gives you 6 inches of reach that will fit in areas as narrow as the socket and drive, which will give you more reach than your arm while still maintaining all of the control of your tools. Markings on the drive let you know what size the extension is at a glance. This Craftsman 6 in. extension 1/2 in. drive is guaranteed forever. Craftsman designed this extension to have standard strength that is up to any typical task for which you would use this extension. You do not have to worry about this extension breaking and you losing the money you spent.


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