Craftsman 6 Pieces 1/4′, 3/8′, 1/2′ Drive Extension Bar Set

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Product Description

Save your knuckles, work faster, and avoid extra disassembly with the Craftsman 6 Pieces Extension Set. They reach past obstructions or into tight, narrow spaces, delivering the strength to loosen stubborn fasteners. Their spring-loaded detent balls securely latch onto sockets, preventing them from being dropped or left sticking on fasteners. Detent notches in the drive ends lock onto the drive tang of ratchets and breaker bars. A mirror chrome finish resists rust and corrosion and wipes clean after each use. included: (1) 3/8 X 1.5 INCH, (1) 3/8/ X 3 INCH, (1) 3/8 X 6 INCH, (1) 1/2 X 3 INCH, (1) 1/4 X 3 INCH, (1) 1/4 X 1.5 INCH.


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