Dimart 6′ Measuring Scale Black Adjustable Wrench Shifting Spanner

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Product Description

Product Description 6′ (150mm), 20mm Max opening width / Gap This is a New improved 6′ Adjustable Spanner which is ideal for Garage Workshop, Toolbox, Metal Workers, Electricians, Engineers, Mechanics and DIY etc etc It can be adjusted to fit a millimetre nut or bolt in a fraction of the time it takes to adjust the old fashioned adjustable spanner. High quality, extra strong forged steel and black finished shafts, silvery heads Measurement scale printed below jaws of the shifter for setting exact size of jaw opening The Shifting Spanner that’s capable of fitting millimetre nuts and bolts from 2mm through to 20mm, in 1mm increments exactly. the Adjustable Spanner is not only fast to adjust and a precise fit but, once locked on to the required nut or bolt, it will never alter its setting during use. No more slippage, no more damaged nuts or bolts, no more damage to the users. The Shifter Spanner is a range of millimetre spanners in one, fitting nuts and bolts quickly, precisely and without losing its grip – a whole box of open ended spanners in a single tool. Product Name : Adjustable Spanner Length:6′ Max opening: 20mm/ 0.79′ Material: Metal Color: Black; Weight: 121g Package Content : 1 x Adjustable Spanner ? See more product details


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