GearWrench 81216F 2-Piece Full Polish Flex Handle Ratchet Set

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Product Description

Product Description The GearWrench 84 Tooth Ratchet; an innovative ratchet design that offers unparalleled access by combining the thinnest head on the market with a four degree swing arc and increased strength over the prior design. For professional end users, these upgraded features translate into greater access to fasteners and increased strength during heavy-duty applications. The 2pc. Set Includes: 84 tooth ratchets in 1/4′ and 3/8′ drive with teardrop head, full polish handle and a flex head. From the Manufacturer Danaher Tool Group Full Polish Flex Handle Ratchet is designed to be longer than most conventional ratchets for added leverage. It features patented low profile as well as performance head for great accessibility and strength. This set includes 6 flexible head positions for extreme access and 60 tooth gear system for improved strength and productivity. It comprises of a tear shaped head for better access.


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