Mi T M AW-0017-0004 3/8 FNPT x 3/8 FPT QC Socket

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Product Description

MI-T-M 3/8 F x 3/8 FPT QC Socket is constructed with durable, heavy duty brass and compatible with most Quick Connect units. Specially designed to fit a variety of model numbers including WP-2700-3MBB True Value #252-307, WP-2703-0MHB True Value #270-660, WP-3003-0MRB True Value #270-660, JP-2703-0MHB, JCW-2003-0MHB True Value #752-755, JCW-2504-0MVB True Value #752-793 and CW-3004-4MGV True Value #752-805.


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