OEMTOOLS 25518 Metric Flex Crow Foot Socket Set, 12-Piece

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Product Description

Size:Metric Set Product Description The OEMTOOLS 12 Piece Flexible Crowfoot Socket Wrench Set (Metric) is suitable for all hydraulic, fuel, oil brake, air conditioning, oxygen sensor, auto and air line work. These Crowfoot Wrenches work great in places where ordinary wrenches and sockets cannot. This OEMTOOLS Socket Set is perfect for use on soft fittings such as brass and aluminum. Flexible head folds up to 200 degrees, making it easier to reach fasteners in tight spots. From the Manufacturer The OEMTOOLS 16 Piece Punch and Chisel Set is used to direct the striking force to the center of the tool head to allow a slow metal displacement and reduce the mushrooming of the striking force on the striking head. The set includes 5 taper punches, 5 pin punches, 2 center punches, 3 cold chisels, and 1 chisel gauge.


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