OTC 5905 11 Piece Tamper-Resistant TORX Plus Socket Set

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Product Description

These tools provide maximum engagement to reduce the chance of fastener and tool damage. Authentic TORX fasteners and drivers are manufactured to very critical, proprietary tolerances. Our bit sockets are produced with gauging that is available only to licensed TORX drive manufacturers. ‘Look alike’ bit sockets may be produced with inferior materials and may not meet the exacting specifications which can cause substandard engagement, fastener damage or premature tool wear. Professional technicians trust specialty fastener tools with the TORX trademark, from OTC Tools. All OTC bit sockets are manufactured with premium quality tool grade steel and are manufactured as two-piece construction for even stronger performance. These bit sockets give today¬ís service professionals the ability to have the right tool required for applications using the most comillimeteron specialty fasteners found in your shop today. These high quality bit sockets will provide a lifetime of performance when used with hand tools. The warranty is voided if these bit sockets are ever used with impact tools.


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