OTC (6100) Standard TORX Socket Set – 12 Piece

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Product Description

The OTC 6100 is a 12 piece set containing specialty bit sockets with Torx family profiles. Specifically, Torx bit sockets are represented in this small set. Specialty fasteners from the Torx family are used in many aspects of assemblies. The 6100 from OTC gives anyone a removal or installation solution for Torx profiles. Made with two piece construction S2 grade steel, one of the highest quality tool grade steels used in production, these bit sockets are designed for endurance. A natural finish ensures that these sockets wonÂ’t crack or peel like many chrome plated versions can. Includes: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T47, T50, T55, and T60 sized sockets. NOTE: These high quality bit sockets will provide a lifetime of performance when used with hand tools. The warranty is voided if these bit sockets are ever used with impact tools – NO EXCEPTIONS! Determination of damage by impact tools is subject to OTC evaluation and discretion – NO EXCEPTIONS! Replacement bit sockets are available for sale.


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