Stanley Proto J5249XL 3/8-Inch Drive Premium Pear Head Ratchet, 8-1/2-Inch

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Product Description

Stanley J5249XL Proto 3/8-inch Drive Premium Pear Head Ratchet 8-1/2-inch Small pear head design for access in tight, hard to reach work areas. 45-tooth gear provides balance between 8° articulation angle and high torque carrying capacity. Sealed design helps prevent debris from entering ratchet mechanism reducing wear. Also, helps to keep lubrication contained within the components. Patent pending design. Low profile reversing lever design for quick, one-hand operation. Contoured, ergonomically-designed handle for comfort. Knurled bands allow for increased grip and slip resistance. Double nickel chrome plated for enhanced corrosion protection or black oxide finish. Field repairable.


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