Steellabels – Chrome Socket Labels – tough chrome foil tool decals, great for mechanics & homeowners, Socket Set stickers that fit all brands of fine tools

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Chrome Foil Socket LabelsThe original Chrome Foil Socket Label set can label 60 sockets total. 31 SAE sockets, 1/8 through 11/4′ and 29 Metric sockets, 4 mm to 24mm. Labels can be used on all types of sockets, socket rails, nut drivers, or wrenches making any socket ‘Easy Read’ for quick organization. Purchase extra sets for each 1/4 Drive 3/8 and 1/2 depending on size of set.Each Chrome Foil Label is made from a four layer process combined with a permanent adhesive glue. With proper installation, your socket labels will harden on the socket and give durability for extended use.Color Coded for socket type and compatible with other tool labeling systems sold by Steellabels. Available to Metric Blue or Green and also in a 272 label ‘Master Set’. • Metric Socket Labels: Tag a full set of (16) sixteen ?” drive and (13) thirteen ?” drive, Metric sockets. Add to a socket wrench set.• SAE Socket Labels:Tag a full set of (16) sixteen ?” drive and (15) ?” drive, SAE sockets. A great socket organizer.• High-Quality: Individual coated and dye cut socket labels. The perfect tool labeling kit.• Easy Read: Bright white lettering with chrome background. Add to your mechanics tools.• Color-coded labels: for fast identification and organizing.• Tight Radius Foil: Medical grade “tight radius” foil material – holds tight to small radius sockets• Adhesive Backing: Permanent adhesive – oil and gas resistant• Custom Foil Material: Reduced “memory” that resists the flatting-back-out effect, holding better to a curved surface.• Easy to Peal: The excess foil is stripped away leaving the decals easy to peel off. Chrome Socket Labels Original Edition is a tool labeling system the allows you to see all your sockets easily without stressing out our eyes. We’ve created the most complete set of socket labels you’ll ever find! Enough labels to cover all your SAE and Metric sockets. These are a great eye sight enhancer. If you’re looking for unique tools and gadgets for men, look no further. Add an “Easy-To-Read” label to all your sockets, today. • The Color Coding means you’ll easily see the difference between your metric and SAE sockets.• The Large Lettering will make reading your labels easier in the low-level light of a garage. Label your Metric and Standard SAE Sockets  Each sheet contains 60 individual Coated and Dye Cut Chrome Foil Socket Labels Designed to fit all fine tool brands Snap On, Craftsman, Mac, Matco, Stanley, Cromwell and other fine tools Made from custom “Medical Grade” tight radius foil material with Permanent Adhesive – Oil and Gas resistant… Make any socket ‘Laser Etched’ with with chrome foil durability. Compatible with matching Magnetic and Adhesive Toolbox Labels offered on Amazon Prime Available in Metric ‘Blue’ or ‘Green 1/8 to 11/4 for SAE 4mm to 24mm for Metric


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