STEELMAN LT5110 17mm Star Shape Deep Impact Socket for Mercedes S-class

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Product Description

This 1/2-inch by 17mm deep impact socket from Lock Technology is a multi-professional must-have! Designed for the specially-shaped star lugnuts used on 2012+ S-Class Mercedes sedans, the socket will reduce any rounding or damage to your lugnuts. The 99427 socket is engineered for use with impact drivers, featuring a six-point star end that fits the lugnut shape, allowing it to apply maximum torque without slipping. The through-hole in the drive end locks onto the tang of impact wrenches or drivers so it won’t fall off or stick on fastener heads. ItÂ’s constructed of high strength CRO-MOLY forged steel and features a durable black-oxide finish.STEELMAN is an industry leader in automotive and industrial specialty tools and equipment, manufacturing the highest quality, unique, and innovative tools and products, designed to meet the specific needs of mechanics, contractors, and other working professionals.


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