WinnerEco 4.2A With Dual Aperture USB Blue + Metal Cigarette Holder With Lamp

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Specifications: Product Size:length 10.5cm wide 4.3cm high 6.3cm Hole size:length 7.3cm wide 2.9 Material:ABS, PC resistance to high and low temperature anti-corrosive environmentally friendly materials, metal materials Product color:black Light color:blue Input voltage:DC12 / 24V Output voltage:5V Output current:4.2A Maximum power:240W Operating temperature:the lowest -20 degrees is 90 degrees Waterproof grade: IP65 Product accessories: blue straight terminal X4; black self-tapping screws X4; cigarette butts X1 Usage:can be used to mobile phones, tablet, IPAD, GPS and other automotive supplies power supply, cigarette lighter can be used to smoke. Use:can be installed in cars, motorcycles, ATV, RV, SUV, boats, yachts, and other means of use Package Included: 1 X center console 1 x cigarette butts 1 set of accessories


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