YOPI 2A High Speed Dual USB Charger , 15A Wall Receptacle 2 Outlets Band Panel ,White, ETL Listed

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Style:1PK YO-U201 USB wall charging and better meets the demand for electricity in the energy mix of the traditional outlet. This integrated plug socket and regular USB socket,AC and DC together and USB as well as ordinary electric power supply. The purpose of the design of this product is the mose convenient life modern appliances. However, a large number of small electrical appliances,such as mobile phones,cameras and mobile entertainment products, are based on the USB charging interface require and external converter or special loading equipment practice and applications USB charging wall socket can be eliminated conversion equipment very in tune with the needs of modern life,the load easier and saves a lot of trouble. USB wall charging more creative design,as well as a stable and good quality,can be applied to a variety of public and private occasions, office buildings,hotels,villas,apartments and houses can usually be used. Installing USB charging wall socket is simple,the same as the regular installation socket,can be installed on the wall or desktop position.


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